BeagleBone SecureHome


Prototype of my project "Secure Home"

Prototype of my project “Secure Home”

Web interface for SecureHome

Security and Automation System

Work in Progress

BeagleBone based home security system that monitors your home/office using wireless door,window and motion sensors. Can be controlled using a touch LCD screen and from the web. Provides SMS and email notification. Allows remote lights control via web. Provides live video feed and motion detection.

8 thoughts on “BeagleBone SecureHome

    • Hello Pablo,
      I appreciate your offer for help. I like to know if you have suggestions on adding on wireless door/window sensors. And a suitable LCD with Touch for Beaglebone running ubuntu.

  1. Hi, The house we moved into had a wired security system, the box with the wires(looks like 4 wires per sensor, resembles I2C, 2 data lines and 2 power. How hard would it be to incorporate a system like this into your project, there are motion sensors for the main living rooms, and door and garage sensors. There’s also a plate with wires mounted buy the back door, where I believe a keypad once was mounted, with 4 wires, 2 power, and 2 data.

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