I am an IT professional. I have great passion in electronics. I have been tinkering with Home Security since 2002. I built a home security system with discrete analog and digital components. Then graduated to using micro controllers after a good friend of mime suggested that I start using PIC (Programmable Interface Controllers). This was a project that I borrowed from an UK electronics magazine and modified to suit my requirements. This allowed me to learn about micro controllers.

In mid 2010 I started with a Parallax Basic Stamp kit. Played around a lot with it. In mid 2012 I moved to Arduino (Uno) started building my own home security from scratch, having played with Parallax and Arduino I was confident enough to start a new Home Security from scratch. Soon I ran in to memory limitations on Uno, so moved up to Arduino Mega.

This gave am enough memory and I/O pins. I completed my first self built home security system by end of Sept 2012. As I started to make enhancements I ran into few other limitations. So I was planning on moving up to Raspberry Pi, like you’ll know it was very difficult to get one in time so I settled with BeagleBone Rev A5 and I love it.

I played around a little by interfacing LED, switches & Buzzers. Got comfortable and started developing my SoC based Home Security system that now runs on Linux (can’t be more happy). I have made significant progress with BeagleBone. starting with BeagleBone has made me learn PHP and advanced web development skills.

Someday I would like to be building tiny robots or automation gadgets.


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